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Micro-Tattoo the art form of using micro-pigmentation on the scalp and eyebrow area to create the look of restored hairloss

Micro-Scalp (scalp micropigmentation)

With a proven track record of treating hair loss problems, Micro-Tattoo are waiting to help restore your hair and confidence with Micro-Scalp. Micro-Scalp also known as scalp micropigmentation is an art developed to create the illusion of shaven down hair on the scalp. We use Micro-Scalp on areas where previous hair follicles would have excisted and died causing a patchy look. Micro-Scalp creates follicle replication by fusing specifically designed micro-pigments into the scalp with the help of digitally enhanced equiptment. To discuss what Micro-Scalp can do for you and your hairloss needs Contact Micro-Tattoo to book a none obligation consultation.

Restore your confidence and look 10 years younger

Fed up of feeling self conscious about your lost hairline or non excisting brows? Whether your hairline is receding or hair is thinning both male and female clients can benefit from Micro-Scalp. Along with the new hair look male or female clients can compliment the new look with Micro-Brows to add an new youthful looking apperance. Trust Micro-Tattoo expert to develop a treatment plan to help improve your hairloss needs. Book a consultation to discuss your Micro-Scalp or Micro-Brow treatment,


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